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Debug single test runs all tests

Using 2.0.0-alpha-20140502 With ReSharper plugin I want to run a single test with debugger attached, however it seems to be running all the tests in the same class instead of just the one. I eve...

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PropertyData and "Cannot resolve symbol" error

Hello! plugin for ReSharper doesn't properly work with PropertyDataAttribute. Consider following example: using System.Collections.Generic; using Xunit; using Xunit.Extensions; public ...

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Unit tests that use Fakes fail to run

This may be R#'s fault but I thought I'd try here first. It's definitely not xunit's fault, running the test with the VS xunit extension works ok. [Fact] public void TesTshim() { us...

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ReSharper 8, xUnit testrunner with WindowsRT apps

Hi, I just tested the latest EAP release of ReSharper 8 and the current stable one of dito. I have the following setup. A Windows store xUnit test project created with the "unofficial" project ...

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BadImageFormatException not handled gracefully

If you try to run tests in the wrong bit-ness host process (i.e. a 32 bit host tries to load a 64 bit assembly, or vice versa, or an MSIL host tries to load 32 bit) the test run fails with a massiv...

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Cant run unit test built with xUnit 2

When I try to run a unit test that is referencing xUnit 2, I get the following error: [Window Title] Unit Test Runner [Main Instruction] Unit Test Runner failed to run tests [Content] Sys...

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Moles support

Requesting Moles support. ReSharper 6.1 supports Moles for MSTest ( and has an open issue for supporting it for NUnit (

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ILMerge xunit.dll into resharper test provider

The resharper plugin for the test runner use xunit.dll to recognise when a method is a test method. It does not affect how tests are run (the runner part of the test provider is compiled against th...

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Collection assertion

Taken from roadmap comments: +1 for collection assertion, but I think this is in 1.5 CTP...?

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ToString generation

As per roadmap page's comment: mbUnit has a nice feature where if an assertion on a string fails then it will generate an object-specific ToString implementation so that that is seen in the log, ra...

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