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ReSharper Test Runner

ReSharper automatically detects nunit and mstest unit tests. This plugin extends ReSharper to also support tests.

Usage is simple and seamless. All test methods and tests classes in your solution are identified and marked with an icon in the gutter of the editor. Clicking this icon displays a menu from which you can run and debug your tests. You can also right click file, folder, project or solution and run or debug tests.


The ReSharper runner plugin uses xunit to run the tests, so automatically has support for some of the nice features that provides, such as running tests in a random order.

Limitations and Known Issues

Important: Previous to the xunitcontrib 0.3 release, the runner would only work with projects that were compiled with the same version of xunit.dll (the 1.1 release). This limitation has now been fixed, and you can run projects compiled against any version of xunit.dll.

The ReSharper runner is based on design time examination of the code, unlike than the runtime nature of the console or msbuild runner. As such, it is subject to a few limitations. There are also constraints imposed by the nature of the available ReSharper API. Here is a non-definitive list of limitations, when compared with the standard runtime runners:
  1. The RunWith attribute is currently not very well supported. It doesn't get an icon, but is still run.


Please see the installation instructions here

Frequently Asked Questions

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