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Features and Documentation

Currently, the project solely consists of an ReSharper runner. It began life in the project, but Jim and Brad decided they no longer wanted to maintain it, so it became the founding part of the xunitcontrib project. It's a copy of their codebase, with a number of bugs fixed (see the release page for more details).

ReSharper runner


Right now, there is no installer for the ReSharper plugin. Simply download the zip file in the releases tab and extract the contents to either C:\Program Files\JetBrains\ReSharper\v4.1\bin\plugins or to <RoamingAppData>\JetBrains\ReSharper\v4.1\vs<Version>\plugins, where <RoamingAppData> is C:\Users\matt\AppData\Roaming on Vista or C:\Documents and Settings\matt\Application Data on XP (I think) and vs<Version is vs9.0 for VS2008 or vs8.0 for VS2005.


Usage is simple - tests will be identified with a little marker in the gutter of the editor. Click on this marker to run or debug the test. You can also right click a file, folder, project or solution.



The ReSharprer runner is based on design time examination of the code, rather than the runtime nature of the console or msbuild runner. As such, it is subject to a few limitations. Working within the ReSharper API adds a few more limitations. Here is a non-definitive list of limitations, when compared with the standard runtime runners:
  1. Attributes which equate to multiple tests (such as the Theory attribute) declare the list of actual test only at runtime. So the ReSharper runner can only display a single test for this kind of test.
  2. randomises the order of test execution. The ReSharper runner runs its tests in a pre-determined order - top to bottom.
  3. The RunWith attribute is not supported. The only implementation (that I know of) is to provide an adapter to the xunit test runner to be able to run NUnit tests. ReSharper already has support for this framework, so this attribute is not supported.

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