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Feedback regarding installation

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Oct 27, 2011 at 5:38 PM
Edited Oct 27, 2011 at 5:40 PM

Hi Matt,

I'm new to xUnit and the first thing I need is to make it work with Resharper. So I learn about your project - kudos for it. I go to the Download page and see 2 packages for the Resharper runner: a zip and a nupkg. Nupkg beats zip, so I get that. I copy it to a folder where I keep other offline NuGet packages and I use the NuGet manager to install it. But, nothing happens! (even after I restart VS). Then I read your instructions more carefully and I realize that this is not a VS package, but a Resharper "extension". And in order to install it, I have to install your Resharper Extension Manager first. To think I have to make this effort in order to avoid copying some files by hand... it's not worth, sorry. For me, as a new user, this was supposed to be easier than copying files and configuring Resharper. It was not. However I like your extension manager for Resharper idea and I wish it becomes widely used in the future. Of course, it was my mistake to not read your instructions properly. Still I had plenty of room for improvisation and error.

I ended up by manually copying the files as instructed, which was exactly what I had been trying to avoid by using the NuGet package :-)

I have a few suggestions for improvements, based on my experience:

  • provide a simple batch script which copies files to Resharper default installation directory and current user's profile. (dangerous? let users know they use it at their own risk)
  • change the extension of the NuGet package. It is not exactly a NuGet package, but a Resharper NuGet package which only works properly with the Reshaper Extension Manager. It should not even be visible in the Library Package Manager.

Thank you!