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Right now, this project consists solely of a ReSharper runner. Here are the current (very loose) plans for the future.

These should get entered into the Issue Tracker in due course, and they can be voted up to give an indication of priority. Of course, if there's anything else you can think of that should be covered, add it to the Issue Tracker, or make a post in Dicussions.

In no particular order:


Despite being the centre point of the whole project, this is perhaps the most vague in terms of planning! Here are the ideas so far (all ideas welcomed!):
  1. Category attribute (as per the samples)
  2. RepeatTest attribute (as per the samples)
  3. Ordered tests
  4. Migration support
    1. I'm not sure what shape this will take, but I want to make it easier for a project which already has a high investment with another unit testing framework to start using Mainly 'cos it will make my life easier
  5. Custom asserts/comparers for Assert.Equal
    1. Collections? Files/Streams? Xml?
    2. All ideas welcomed!

And some ideas that I'm not too sure about:
  1. Contract verifiers ala mbUnit?
    1. For example, assert that IEqualityComparer is implemented correctly. I've fallen over this a couple of times.
  2. Extension methods? variable.ShouldBeTrue()?
  3. BDD spec like framework?
  4. How can we make good use of the Traits attribute?

ReSharper support

  1. Better support for tests which allow multiple runs, such as theory tests
  2. Support for profiling
  3. Support for categories
  4. Installer

Nant runner

  1. Add a nant runner, similar to the msbuild runner

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