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xunitcontrib is the contrib project for

The aims of the project are simple; to be the repository for community provided supporting features to the unit testing framework.

The best way to think of this project is to look at itself. That project is split into three main features, the core xunit framework, an xunit.extensions assembly and samples.
  1. The core xunit framework is fairly minimal, idiomatic and opinionated. It provides everything you need to unit test your code, but some things might take a little effort.
  2. The xunit.extensions assembly provides some valuable extensions on top of the core framework, such as "theory tests".
  3. The samples also contain extensions built on top of the core framework, but these are extensions that perhaps don't fit with the ideals of the project, or are too narrowly focussed to sit well with the more general nature of a framework.

xunitcontrib aims to sit between 2 and 3. It can afford to take on extensions that have a narrower focus, or provide support for non-core 3rd party tools. But it should still try and follow the idioms and opinions of

At least, that's the idea.

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